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This adorable little piglet comes with 2 options, a pet or an experiment.

If a sweet little pet is desired I keep him whole with organs intact and throw in a few silicone rassberries, because why not?

If you want an experiment he comes with silicone organs and instrutions. 

For an extra $25 a small dissection kit and 2oz of two part silicone sealant is provided to seal the pig back up (with/without organs intact).

Size: 10" long     Weight: 3lbs 7oz


Turn around time: 7-10 days after the order is placed

*paint jobs will vary

*jar not included.

*See instructions on how to use silicone sealant

If you put organs or pig in a jar water may be added for an extra effect, (with/without foodcolor).

Fetal pig

PriceFrom $87.10
Excluding Sales Tax
  • This is a two part silicone that drys in 5 minuets.

    Take equal parts A and B, mix together and immediately apply to pig.

    It dries clear and is skin safe, gloves are provided to use if desired.