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Roadkill replica of a cat made from silicone, foam and a resin cat skeleton.

Different bones/skull fragments, colored fur different and colors of blood can be added,

tire marks can be placed on other parts of the body just describe what you need in the custom paint section.

Real rabbit fur is an option for an additional price *colors will always vary

*The smell of real fur may attract animals, please keep that in mind if you own a pet.

*If no instructions are added the cat will be completely random in every aspect.


Size:  27" from head to tail

weight: 4 LBS


Turn around time: 10-14 days once order is placed

Roadkill replica

PriceFrom $185.09
Excluding Sales Tax
  • These replicas will always be different from eachother in every way!

    Real rabbit fur or fake fur is an option when buying. The fur type will always be marked on the invoice both digital/paper.

    If the piece needs to be cleaned rinse in warm water, do NOT scrub! Set on some paper towels to air dry since bath towels may transfer lint.

    *Some of the blood added is water soluble so please keep that in mind.