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After seeing these adorable flying fox vids on fb, and my cousin stating he wanted one I made this darling creature!

Every silicone bat comes wrapped in a small baby blanket, as seen in the photos.

Wing span: 18"     Body length: 9"     Blanket size: 12"x12"*  *size may vary

weight: 12oz

The feet and tip of the wings are posable. The wire in these parts are thin and will inevitably break after a while, the feet have claws that are a little sharp so be mindful of that. The tongue can be pulled out and moved around but it's not attached and just sits freely in the mouth.


Turn around time: 7-10 days after the order is placed


For an extra $30 I include a branch for him/her to hang on, the silicone bat and urethane branch are able to be left outside, although the fur on the bat could be damaged do to weather.

Silicone bat

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Clean bat:

    To remove dust/dirt, gently wash prop in lukewarm water, try to avoid the fur.
    Once clean set prop on paper towels to air dry.


    Clean tree branch:

    This product is made from urethane rubber,
    making the paint chip proof, water-resistant and safe to leave outdoors.
    Although the surface is water-resistant it is not recommended that this
    product be fully submerged.
    To clean, rinse off with water and place on paper towel to dry.
    Try not to wipe off as lint may transfer.